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Hannah Rues, MSW, Founder


Founder Hannah Rues has spent a lifetime caring and serving people, with a special focus on seniors. Growing up she was involved in caring for aging family members. At 16, her first job was working at a nursing facility planning activities for and with seniors. She earned a dual degree in Social Work and Gerontology in college following with an internship in the Agency in Aging organization. Hannah also served as a case manager and supervisor, working with diverse populations—from developmentally disabled individuals to children and seniors at risk. Founding ConciergeCare is a natural progression in this drive to help individuals and families with the very best care to enhance their lives.

At ConciergeCare, we are committed to providing extraordinary services for individuals and families. This can mean providing personalized services to ensure that clients can continue to have amazing lives in their own homes, or assisting those who reside in nursing and assisted living facilities to have the quality experience they deserve. 

 Allegra Dalton, RN, BSN, iRNPA

Allegra Dalton

With almost two decades of critical care nursing experience, Allegra saw firsthand the obstacles to a safe return to health. Throughout that career, she informally advocated on behalf of many patients and their families to try to ensure they received the care they needed. Her advocacy was often hindered by the lack of time and short-staffing a hospital nurse experiences. So in 2012, she sought specialized training in patient advocacy by RN Patient Advocates (in conjunction with the University of Arizona College of Nursing).

Now, through her work with ConciergeCare patients and families, Allegra finds she fully uses–

  • Her passion for the successful outcomes that can be achieved through collaboration with patients, families, and healthcare team members during and after acute health crises;
  • Her recognition that the chronic diseases people struggle with at home are often poorly managed by our current system of treatment; and
  • Her belief that nurses are uniquely positioned to help individuals achieve their health goals.

Don’t Put Happiness on Hold

Illness can affect any of us at any stage of life, and there is no one-size-fits-all process for maximizing the quality of the care we receive. ConciergeCare therefore uses a very individualized approach to assessing and assisting you as a whole person or family. Drawing on our social work and nursing expertise, we find solutions to gaps in care or care quality to give you a positive outcome.

Let us help you put the puzzle pieces of healthcare together into a satisfying whole.

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